COMMISSION: Refinished Antique Bureau

COMMISSION: Decoupaged Vintage Stag Dressing Table and Mirror

COMMISSION: Hand Painted Chest of Drawers with Floral Transfer Design

Hand Painted Art Nouveau Era Chairs (SOLD)

COMMISSION: Refinished Art Deco China Cabinet with Hand Painted Details

COMMISSION: Hand Painted Vintage Sideboard

Boho Hand Painted Vintage Sideboard (SOLD)

COMMISSION: Vintage Stag Chest of Drawers with Mandala Design

Decoupaged Pine Cupboard

COMMISSION: Decoupaged Vintage Sideboard

Upcycled Spice Cabinet

COMMISSION: Decoupaged Vintage Sideboard with Gold Leaf Detail

Antique Oak Hand Painted Dressing Table (SOLD)

Upcycled Vintage Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

COMMISSION - Hand Painted Kitchen Table and Chairs

COMMISSION - Matching Art Deco Bedside Tables

Decoupaged Vintage Nathan Sideboard (SOLD)

Painted and Decoupaged Vintage Nathan Unit (SOLD)

Refinished Hand Painted Vintage Sideboard (SOLD)

Hand Painted Vintage Chairs (SOLD)

COMMISSION - Upcycled Hallway Table

Upcycled Vintage Side Table (SOLD)

COMMISSION - Upcycled Vintage Wardrobe

Upcycled Vintage Drinks Trolley (SOLD)

Upcycled Vintage Sideboard (SOLD)

Upcycled Kitchen Table (SOLD)

Irreverent Pew: Upcycled Church Pew (SOLD)

Decoupaged Lebus Sideboard (SOLD)

Repurposed Vintage Sewing Box (SOLD)

Decoupaged Vintage Dressing Table (SOLD)

Vintage Blanket Box With Pressed Flower Detail (SOLD)

Decoupaged Vintage Dressing Table (SOLD)

Psychedelic Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

Decoupaged Chest of Drawers and Mirror

Half Upcycled Demonstration Piece (SOLD)

Decoupaged Vintage Sideboard (SOLD)

Decoupaged Reclaimed Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

Gold Leaf Detail Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

COMMISSION – Rustic Shabby Chic Dresser

COMMISSION – Restaurant Tables and Chairs Hand Painted Using a Variety of Techniques

Stencilled Storage Box (SOLD)

COMMISSION – Art Deco Style Vintage Dressing Table and Mirror

COMMISSION – Matching Bedroom Furniture Set

A Selection of Upcycled Mirrors

Designer Decoupaged Vintage Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

Decoupaged Designer Vintage Dressing Table (SOLD)

COMMISSION – Bedroom Furniture Set

COMMISSION - Storage Cupboard For A Pilates Studio

A Range of Upcycled Home Accessories

COMMISSION – Art Deco Dressing Table

COMMISSION – Decoupaged Vintage Washstand

COMMISSION – Painted Art Deco Sideboard

Vintage Lebus Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

Vintage Chest of Drawers (SOLD)

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