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Upcycled & customised furniture. From traditional & vintage to fresh, funky & contemporary. DISCOVER NOW 3 11
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Upcycled & customised furniture. From traditional & vintage to fresh, funky & contemporary. DISCOVER NOW 2 11
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Customised and upcycled furniture. Vintage, retro and contemporary pieces with an original and modern twist. DISCOVER NOW 1 11

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Welcome! Coco & Clementine specialises in unique, bespoke, quality Upcycled furniture. From vintage, Art Deco, classic and retro to bohemian, hand-painted and quirky – find out more in our ‘How It Works’ section.  

If you have a piece of furniture you would like to transform or if you would like us to source something special to meet your requirements – please get in touch so we can help you bring this to life!  

We undertake both Personal and Commercial commissions meaning we can create a single-piece design or multiple pieces in a commercial or corporate environment. Whatever you wish to transform, let us make your vision a reality…

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Upcycled Furniture?

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If you’re choosing a vintage or antique piece of furniture, you’re also buying a little piece of history! That stylish retro sideboard? It’s seen the rise of the Beatles, the mini skirt and the first moon landing! That stunning Art Deco sideboard? It’s witnessed the exuberant parties and dances of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and the rise of jazz! Imagine what your Furniture has experienced...



Solid wood is built to last! If a chest of drawers from 1910 is still looking good today, it’s likely going to see a few more years! The workmanship in older pieces can be really quite astonishing – look for intricate dovetailed joints, precisely crafted drawer runners and beautiful carved detail and embellishments.



When you commission an upcycled product, you are helping to minimise waste and unnecessary landfill. In our increasingly throwaway society, so much furniture ends up going to waste. Upcycling promotes ‘circular consumption’; giving individual items a new lease of life and the chance to be re-used.



When you commission an Upcycled piece of furniture, there’s a fairly good chance your finished piece will be unique. A quality piece can be a real talking point and you can get fully involved in the design process; choosing a piece and design that perfectly fits your style, environment and vision.

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Sometimes our clients have a treasured family heirloom. It might be a bit scratched/battered. Or it might have massive sentimental value but not look quite right in their house. In these instances, Upcycling can be the perfect answer! When a piece is sympathetically restored with respect to the period it came from, old and new can be fused to create a stunning one-off design.

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Customised and upcycled furniture; based in Cheshire.

Upcycled Furniture

Double Pedestal Upcycled Stag Dressing Table / Desk with Decoupage and Mother of Pearl Mosaic



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September 8, 2020HandmadeThe upcycling files – a blog dedicated to furniture upcycling!  Explore this page to learn more about the upcycling process, different materials and techniques and the journey a piece of upcycled furniture goes on from start to finish! […]Read more…
August 3, 2020HandmadeUpcycling is all the rage right now, and more and more people are realising the benefits of upcycling and how they can contribute. In this article, you can read more about what upcycling is all about, as well as some handy hints if you want to have a go yourself! What Is Upcycling? Upcycling is turning old or unwanted items into something new, different and better. The idea is to increase the quality and value of an item by making it into something more attractive and desirable. This can be something as simple as painting an old wooden jewellery box, decorating a vase or turning a plate into a clock. It can also involve the use of scrap materials to create clothing, a patchwork quilt or a new bag. At Coco & Clementine, we source vintage and antique furniture  – often superficially marked or damaged and therefore unwanted – and transform it completely, giving it a new lease of life!  Why You Should Start Upcycling Now! There are many advantages of upcycling. One of the primary benefits, and the whole reason it’s becoming so popular, is the positive impact on the environment. By turning unwanted items into something desirable, we give items another life and reduce the amount of waste produced.  This increased focus on sustainability contributes towards a more ‘circular economy’  ‘White Monday’ – a relatively recent addition to the Upcycling calendar – is an initiative set up with this in mind – and an antidote to the global consumption triggered by ‘Black Friday’! Using up old materials – furniture, clothes, household objects, or anything else you can think of! – means we’re saving items that would otherwise have gone into landfill. By creating, buying and selling things made from materials we no longer need, we reduce waste and save lots of natural resources and raw materials.  We also save energy by manufacturing less ‘stuff’! Another benefit of upcycling is that it has social and economic advantages. By buying upcycled products, you’ll often be supporting small, local businesses. You’ll also find lots of unique, hand crafted items. Upcycling also helps these businesses to keep manufacturing costs down by reusing the materials.  Finally, upcycling will help you feel like you’re doing your bit for your community and for the environment! Whether you have a go at an upcycling project yourself or buy an upcycled product, you will be reducing your contribution to waste and landfill. By buying upcycled products, you’ll be helping out your community and investing in the businesses in your local area. Helpful Hints to Get Started So what are the best tips to start upcycling in your everyday life? Old clothes and fabrics.  Obviously charity shops and clothing banks are a great way to ensure unwanted clothing doesn’t go to waste.  But items that may be ripped, excessively worn or damaged can be repurposed!  Old curtains can be turned into a new bag and worn out jeans can be made into a patchwork quilt.  Find a secondhand sewing machine and have a go! Old furniture.  Commission a piece you already own for a total transformation.  Or buy some old furniture and create your own one-off masterpiece! Jewellery.  Turn old beads, chains and gems into your own designs.  Helpful hint – some charity shops sell cheap bags of unwanted jewellery that can be completely repurposed! Household objects.  Turn a wooden container into a beautiful painted jewellery box – or cover it with cut out paper images.  The one-off kitchen plate that doesn’t fit in with the others?  A battery mechanism and some painted numbers turns it into a clock!    Visit local craft centres and artisan markets to see what people are working on and whether they have any pieces you like. Join a community group or online group to see what people in your local area are doing and to discover ‘Freecycling’ opportunities.   There are endless possibilities for how you can get involved with upcycling. See what you have lying around and find a way to improve it. If in doubt, there are many online sites to give you ideas. Just to Finish Off… Upcycling is an excellent way to bring some life into ‘stuff’ you had lying around. Whether you’re giving your home a more modern look, jazzing things up to sell, or just looking for something fun to do, it’s an activity the whole family can get on board with. If you have some old furniture at home, or you’re thinking of making your next purchase an upcycled one, then ‘check out our site’ for more details! […]Read more…
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