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Hello! Thank you for visiting Coco & Clementine. I’m Imogen, creator and owner. My business was born – in a very roundabout way – from a longstanding love of Interior Design and a lifetime of being ‘arty’. I originally graduated with a degree in Art History (a horribly long time ago) and then I was a teacher for many years.

My background in Art History has proved to be a great help when sourcing older furniture and hunting down particular styles! One of my greatest passions is travel and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many different countries, soaking up the styles and cultures as I went. I find the symmetry, detailed precision and vibrant colours used in styles throughout South East Asia, India, North Africa and the Middle East particularly beautiful. I am also inspired by the lush tropical rainforests of Australia, South and Central America – which is perhaps why I am also drawn to designs featuring flora and fauna!

Following a break from teaching (and a diploma in jewellery design!), whilst I was on maternity leave, the roots of an idea started taking shape – one which seemed to combine all my passions and interests whilst allowing me to work from home and spend time with my family. And so, Coco & Clementine was born!

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Looking to buy upcycled furniture as a special gift? Personal, bespoke, unique…an upcycled piece of furniture can make the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day or anniversary. Why not mark the special occasion by having names or dates painted, burnt or engraved on the wood?

Coco & Clementine can transform your current furniture or source and makeover a piece (or collection) to your requirements. From bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, tattoo studios, Pilates/yoga studios or boutique shops – we can help you build a unique and beautiful environment!

Our Furniture Upcycling Techniques

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Wallpaper or similar is used as a decorative element and fixed to the surface E.g fronts of drawers and doors. The paper is sealed with several layers of a protective glaze.



Patterns, words or images are burned into the surface of the wood using a heated metal instrument.

metal leaf

Metal leaf ​​

Gold/Silver/Coloured leaf can be used to highlight particular areas of a piece of furniture eg carved detail. It can also be used to good effect to pick out colours used elsewhere eg metallics in wallpaper. For a slightly subtler effect, metallic gilding wax can also be used to highlight and pick out detail.

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A useful technique if repeated patterns are desired across large areas. Equally, a single stencil can be used as an attractive feature. Where a pattern or image is embossed, it is raised against the surface of the furniture, creating a three dimensional effect.



There are many different types of furniture paint available and there are infinite ways of using them! Paint can be used to achieve many different effects E.g. Faux Metallic, Faux Rust, ‘Shabby Chic.’ Or layered/textured to create different effects E.g. Crackle Glaze



Items such as pressed flowers, feathers etc can be trapped in the resin (forming a smooth, shiny surface when dry). Alternatively, resin & paint can be mixed then poured to create a natural, organic, swirling effect resulting in unique designs.

mixed media


An alternative to using wallpaper if a statement feature is required, meaning the transfer of a single image can be used as a design feature on otherwise painted furniture.



Different colours or shades are blended seamlessly into each other to create eg a beach/sea effect or rainbow blend.


Mixed Media​

Other items can also be attached to furniture such as paper thin abalone shell, mother of pearl, pressed flowers etc. Agate stone slices can also be formed into door and drawer pulls.​



Bare wood, once sanded, can be waxed/varnished/stained/oiled to accentuate the natural grain and enhance its natural appearance. Paint may also be waxed, oiled, varnished to achieve the required appearance!


Furniture can be shipped within the UK.  Please get in touch to find out more about shipping costs.


We accept both personal and business commissions.  Please get in touch if you have a particular project you would like to discuss.

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